Destination Photographers :: Looking Beyond Local for Your Wedding Photographer

Our client base is all over the world, and we love that! Most of our work is destination, which we classify as any event that requires a hotel stay. Some clients like for their photographer to have worked at their venue before, but we are just the opposite. We are inspired by new places and our creative energy is highest when working in environments we haven’t photographed over and over again.

Venice wedding with Koby & Terilyn BrownIt is important to choose photographers that are experienced travelers, especially for international weddings. We have years of experience with packing our camera equipment appropriately for smooth travel on various airline carriers; and packing with “gear priority” so that even if our luggage doesn’t make it to the destination, we still have what we need with us to photograph your destination wedding. We make sure we leave enough time for emergencies, travel delays, scouting, prepping, and an around-town couple’s shoot, in addition to the wedding day.

Even more reasons to look beyond the local photographer options for your event:

  • In some locations, the choices for photography are limited. You cannot un-do bad photography of your wedding day, so why take the risk.
  • Traveling puts us at the top of our game. It gets us away from the office and other daily distractions of running the business. When we arrive at a new location, our attention is 100 percent focused on you and prepping for the event ahead of us. New landscapes, different climates, unique venues… they excite us!
  • Since 99% of our clients don’t live in our city, we are comfortable working with out of town brides. Contracts and payment options, as well as our image gallery and album design proofs are all completed online.
  • Many popular destination venues offer a package including a photographer for your event …there is a big risk of ending up with an uninspired photographer who shoots the same venue every weekend and has no personal relationship with you. A lackluster experience on wedding day and little follow through afterwards is often the disappointing result.
  • For international weddings it is difficult to connect to, plan a timeline with, and especially design an album with a photographer based in an unfamiliar country. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the look you want and are happily involved in the process before AND after the wedding.
  • You get two of us, and we are both lead photographers!! (MOST wedding photographers are just one photographer and an assistant/intern or random second shooter they hire shortly before your event). It’s important to know exactly who will be showing up to your event. Bonus: We are married! We’ve walked the aisle together ourselves, and know how to help make your day smooth and successful.


A few of the favorite places we have worked before are listed below; we are always happy to return to old favorites. If you don’t see your dream wedding or engagement shoot location on the list, that’s great too – we would love to hear more about your day! New places inspire us!

Denali, Alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska
San Diego, California
Los Angelos, California
London, England
Vence, France
Atlanta, Georgia
Oahu, Hawaii
Ravello, Italy
Positano, Italy
Venice, Italy
New Orleans, Louisiana
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Manhattan, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Portland, Oregon
Knoxville, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Vienna, Virginia


Destination Wedding Photographers: Koby & Terilyn Brown, Archetype Studio Inc.

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