New landscapes, different climates, unique venues… At 10 years old, my parents gave me a Canon 35mm to take with on a trip to England. I spent that trip burning through film and loving it. My lens was mostly trained on the historic architecture and monuments. To this day, I am inspired by history, architecture, new places, and the adventure of traveling.

I am passionate about telling love stories in a beautiful, inspiring way. Your story is important, right now in this moment, and even more so once this moment has passed. My photographs are your connection to future generations. I am the storyteller. You are the story.

Every wedding commission received is a great honor, and the most important aspect of my career is the trust you put in me to tell your story.

If you are planning your wedding, I’d be honored to be part of your adventure too – let’s give future generations a tangible record that you were here and greatly loved.

Koby and Terilyn Brown

International wedding photographers, Koby and Elizabeth Brown, live in a happy little place on a barrier island off the coast of Texas. Together they planned, sacrificed for and ultimately built a business that takes them around the world to capture their client’s stories.  The Brown’s photography has been featured globally in publications; including the cover of People Magazine, and editorials in Cosmo, Glamour, Rolling Stone, Town&Country, Good Housekeeping, The Knot, the New York Times, and more.