Galveston Beach Engagement Photos :: Kristen & Eric

I love the unusual variety of locations Galveston has to offer. It’s an ongoing challenge to show our island’s beaches with a new perspective in images that often make people ask, “Where is the world was that photo taken?” There is so much beauty here!

Kristen called me one day to say she loves our style and would love for us to photograph her engagement session, and even better, she told me she totally trusts us to find the right location and create something beautiful! Words cannot express how much easier it is for us to be creative and inspired when the client trusts us to just do what we do.

If you do your research and find a photographer whose work/style you consistently love …then there is no need to send shot lists, pinterest boards, and endless discussions over location options. All we need is a few favorite photos from you that convey the general look you like – once we have this general direction, it’s best to turn us loose and trust us to find the right location and time of day. Once I saw Kristen’s inspiration images, I knew exactly where we needed to go, but I didn’t have any pictures or sample images to send her for “proof.” That didn’t matter in this case, because she trusted us and was willing to show up at sunrise sight unseen. We love you for that, Kristen & Eric!

Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-1 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-2 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-3 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-4 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-5 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-6 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-7 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-8 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-9 Galveston-Beach-Engagement-Photos_Archetype-10

Clients that don’t have a specific location already in mind can get bogged down with this decision. And when I tell them where I think we should go, they want to see a picture and decide for themselves if that is the look they think they want. I can certainly understand why, I am a very visual person too – and I like to know what I am getting into in advance, just like most people. Here’s where this kind of approach creates a challenge: 90% of the time the location I want to shoot is somewhere we saw in real life, often in passing, and even more often looks plain or flat or ugly to the casual observer (and my iphone) …but we know there is magic there in the right light, with the right film and lens. These places are cataloged in mine and Koby’s heads, it’s about the ability to see what could be, instead of just what is. So if a client asks me to send a picture of a place we are excited to shoot, but as of yet have not, well, you see where the challenge is. Something else to note, we crave variety in locations …so we are constantly on the lookout for changing landscapes and new venues.

Our style is classic and timeless. The engagement session isn’t about the save the date card, there is a much more important reason – it’s about telling a little piece of your story as a couple. We aim to photograph authenticity, movement and natural interaction, capturing the magic of your relationship and the beauty of you. If you love the style of photography you see presented on our website, then you can trust us to create something beautiful just for you.

All images captured on medium format film: Portra 400 + Mamiya 645

Engagement Photos by: Koby Brown, Archetype Studio Inc.
Film Scans by: Richard Photo Lab

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